Photo by Melissa Brewer Photography  Melissa Brewer Photography

Photo by Melissa Brewer Photography Melissa Brewer Photography


It’s really all about that. In 1984, I put down my paintbrushes and picked up soft, throw-able balls of clay. No turning back. Working with clay is very ‘process oriented’ – this is the attraction. I work primarily from wheel-thrown components. I am only half teasing when I say that the clay keeps a person ‘centered’. Beyond the throwing – mesmerizing & meditative as that can be – there is the quality of mark making and creation of form. Working with clay for over 30 years, I have a decided interest in the quest for problem solving when making more complex forms or pieces. What fun to test one’s skills against this ornery & willful material. Beyond the creating of interesting clay pieces – actually tied to the process from the start – is the challenge of glazing and firing the work to best advantage. I have enjoyed working in a variety of firing types – oxidation, reduction, soda and wood fired. Each of these offer unique surfaces for the ceramic artists’ use.